Title:  Acceptable Plans
Purpose:  To show Christians that God must be first consideration when making plans

1.  We all face decisions and plans every day
2.  Does Bible have anything to say about making plans?
3.  James 4:13-17
      a.  This passage is speaking not about praying the Lord's
           will be done or accepting God's will in hardship
      b.  This passage is talking about making God the number one
           priority in making plans
      c.  Context: 
             -Book of James speaks of "authentic faith"
             -James chap 4 - Do not makes friends with the world
                                   - Do not become proud (which is false faith-
                                      a faith in self rather than God)
4.  Now we have a practical application of v.13-17 of chapter 4
5.  In making plans, Arrogance (pride) crowds out truth faith

I.  Because Arrogance Causes Self-ishness (v.13)
      A.  Making Plans is okay (Jesus and Paul both did)
      B.  Problem with making plans is when arrogance is involved
            1.  Shows when we don't seek God's will
            2.  We usually make Plans and assume it's okay with God
      C.  Examples of men who did not consult God's will:
            1.  Joshua 9 - Israel and the Gibeonites
            2.  I Samuel 13:8 - Saul offering Sacrifices
            3.  I Chronicles 13, and 15:3 - Transporting the Ark
      D.  Making plans without consulting God's will can be fatal
             1.  Think of God's will when making plans
             2.  When making even the smallest plans, pray

II.  Because Arrogance Causes Self-Confidence  (v.13)
      A.  It can be our downfall
      B.  Problem with Self Confidence
            1.  Forget those than help make you successful
            2.  Begin to rely on self only
            3.  Stop relying on God and only rely on self
            4.  But you could lose it all tomorrow (v.14)
      C.  James uses this illustration to show what life is like
            1.  It is just a vapor.  (Aerosol spray is there for a second)
            2.  Suppose I bring in some great big rocks
                  a.  Or just a "piece of the rock", like Prudential
                  b.  It is Rock Solid, A+ Rating
                  c.  do you think people felt this confidence in 1929?
            3.  This vapor, (Aerosol Spray) is:
                  a.  Your bank account, you company, social security.....
                  b.  Without God, NOTHING IS SURE
                  c.  There is only ONE ROCK, you can depend on:
                         -Jesus, the firm foundation (I Cor. 3:11)
                         -Jesus, the Chief Cornerstone (I Peter 2:4)
      D.  Satan will attack you when you feel self-confident
            1.  Vanity and Pride are Satan's most effective tools
            2.  Even when you feel like a Spiritual Success-Be Careful!

III.  Because Arrogance Causes Self-Boasting (v.16)
      A.  Will naturally follow self-confidence
      B.  Problem with Self-Boasting
            1.  It is evil
            2.  We should only boast in the Lord (2 Cor 10:12-13)
      C.  Nebuchadnezzar's Pride caused him to be humiliated (Dan 4)
      D.  Instead of counting your accomplishments, count your blessings
            1.  Not "I have a big house", but "I have A house"
            2.  Not "I have a high paying job",  but "I have a job"
            3.  Not "I have cool clothes", but "I have clothing"
            4.  Not "I am a great athlete" but "I have good arms & legs"

1.  Instead of Arrogance, (v.15) we should say If it is the Lord's will
      a.  Don't let Arrogant Selfishness, Self Confidence,
           or Self-Boasting Stop you
      b.  Like Jesus, we should say, not my will, but yours be done
2.  Kids are wearing w.w.j.d. bracelets
      a.  Stands for "what would Jesus do"
      b.  Stands as a reminder
      c.  We should always ask, what would Jesus do?
3.  Do you consider the Lord's will when making plans?
      a.  When you go on vacation over the weekend?
      b.  When job causes you to work on Sunday?
             -Ask your employer to let you have Sunday off
             -If he says no, pray to God about it
      c.  When you take a job with long hours and you don't see
           your family?
      d.  When you enroll yourself OR YOUR KIDS, in extracurricular
           activities such as Boy Scouts, Dance Classes, Karate, etc.
              -Does it fall on a church night?
4.  Does God's will dominate your life, or is it an occasional leisure-time activity?
5.  What are you going to do?  It is your choice