Title:  Honor Your Mother
Purpose:  To help Christians understand what it is to honor their mother and motivate them to do it

1.  Happy Mother's Day!
2.  We tend to like special days to honor certain people and memories
3.  Today has been chosen to honor mothers
Text:  Eph 6:1-2
5.  What does it mean to "honor" a parent.
6.  NIDNT gives these definitions for the Greek word for "honor"

I.  To give recognition of another's work
        A.  We should then honor our Dads because they do the work, right?             
        B.  The Old Testament recognized mothers
                1.  The common formula in the mention of the Kings of Israel was
                     to mention the King, his character, and
his mother. (in Kings)
                2.  Timothy was one of the first evangelists, his faith was a
                      result of the faith of his mother, which was a result of the
                      faith of his grandmother (2 Tim 1:5)
        C.  But that was in ancient times, it is not as hard on mothers today,
              right?  Wrong!
                1.  Think about a typical day in the life of a mother
                2.  After a day like that, she gets to do it all over again
        D.  Sometimes this word honor means to pay someone for their
                1.  How rich would our moms be if they got paid for all they did?
                2.  Our moms don't want money, though
                3.  We should give them what God says to - honor, recognition
        E.  So how do you recognize your mother for her hard work?
                1.  Three little words you can use, for a start - "Thank You Mom"
                2.  Do something to show your appreciation
                        a.  A card
                        b.  A hug
                        c.  A break (you try doing the chores for a change)

II.  To respect
        A.  This is the one that has always seems to be a problem
        B.  It is interesting that the word honor has an antonym
                1.  It is defined as "shame", "dishonor", "disgrace"
                2.  Some typical ways disrespect is shown
                        a.  Interrupting mom when she is talking
                        b.  Throwing her advice back into her face
                        c.  Stomping your feet and slamming the door
                        d.  Raising your voice to mom
                        e.  Ridiculing or making fun of mom
                        f.  Making mom out to be stupid
        C.  Prov. 20:20 -
"He who curses his father or his mother, His
              lamp will go out in time of darkness"
                1.  I can remember my mom telling me how I treat her would
                     be how I treat my wife.
                2.  I also remember a dear old sister in Christ telling my boys
                    that people like it when you respect your parents, and that
                     you would have a better life
                3.  It's true, some of the most successful and trustworthy people
                 in history were ones that honored and respected their own mother
        D.  Do you respect or disrespect your mother?  ("Try Yes Ma'am")
III.  To Value Something
        A.  I remember going to Bible Camp and being given a gift from
             a camp sweetheart (Cristie)
                1.  I still have that pin (It said "he is my song")
                2.  when I didn't wear it, I put it in a visible place where it
                    could always be seen
                3.  I made sure in my moves that it wouldn't get lost
                     (along with some other things I valued)
                4.  Years later, I would get it out at times along with other
                      trinkets and just look at them
                5.  YOU may remember something you have or had that you
                     valued like that
        B.  That is an inanimate object, what about valuing a person?
                1.  You mother is a gift from God, do you value her?
                2.  Like those times you would just "spend time" with that
                    inanimate object, do you value the time with your mother?
ILL:  Dan & his friend just gotten a couple of days off from
             Army Reserve Summer Camp
                1.  They had gotten weekend passes & decided to go to Florida
                      for weekend
                2.  Decided to phone mothers to wish them happy mothers day
                3.  Sound of mother's voice disappointed that they not going to
                     be home
                4.  To ease guilty conscience of spending whole weekend at
                     beach instead of with mom, decided to buy flowers
                5.  While waiting to purchase, say little boy buying flowers
                      for mother
                6.  Boy said "I'm sure Momma will like these, she always loved
                     carnations.  I'm going to put them with some flowers from
                      our yard before I take them to the cemetery."
                7.  They dropped notes into the trash & went back to the car.
                8.  When they pulled up to Dan's house, said:  "I'll pick you up
                      Sunday evening at six"
        D.  It is interesting, a form of the word for "honor" is used
             in I Peter 2 :4, 6
                1.  v.4 - "And coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected by
                     men, but choice and
precious in the sight of God,"
                2.  v.6 - "Behold, I lay in Zion a choice stone, a
                    corner stone"
                3.  It is translated as "precious" in these verses
                4.  Do you see anything about your mom as precious?
                5.  Usually when you speak of something as precious, it is
                     rare (eg. "precious stones)
                        a.  Your Mother is rare, she is the only mother you've got
                        b.  Time is rare, every minute of the day is unique,
                            and one of a kind
                        c.  Use those moments to value your mother

1.  Review:  Honor your Mother
       a.  By recognition of her work
       b.  By giving her respect  (Praise her, speak well of her, try yes ma'am)
       c.  By Valuing her as her mother (regard her as precious)
2.  Of course this only applies to you kids right?  After all adults never dishonor or disrespect right?
There is no age limitation to giving honor to your mother:
4.  I want you to notice what this passage in Eph. 6:2 does not say:
      a. "Honor your mother on mother's day"
      b.  The passage does not say to honor your mother until you grow up
      c.  (Prov. 23:22) "Listen to your father who begot you, And do not
           despise your mother when she is old." 
5.  Your mother will always be your mother, and you will always be her baby
      a.  She will love you no matter how old you get
      b.  You should honor, respect and value her no matter how old she gets
Storybook:  "I Love You Forever"
      a.  This illustrates the lifelong bond between mom and child
      b.  If you don't have it, I recommend it

7.  Happy Mothers Day!