Title:  Daring Devotion
Purpose:  To motivate Christians to Daily Worship that will translate to Daily Witness

1.  2 Timothy 1:6 "Untended fires soon become just a pile of ashes"
2.  If  anyone was on fire for God, it was David, a man after God's
      own heart
3.  3 things we see in David:

I.  Devotion (Psalm 63)
        A.  A Cappella has once again put this song to music
        B.  Devotions comes out in these ways
                1.  God Centerdness
                        a.  "I will seek you earnestly"
                        b.  "I meditate on you in the night"
                        c.  "My soul clings to you"
                2.  God Hunger
                        a.  "My Soul Thirsts for you" (in a dry and weary land)
                        b.  "My Flesh Yearns for you"
                3.  God Praise
                        a.  "In the shadow of your wings I sing for Joy"
                        b.  "You Love is Better than Life"
        C.  When God measures a Man he puts the tape measure around
              the heart, not the head
                1.  It's a not about knowing about God but knowing Him
                2.  In an age of science, we want to analyze
                3.  Bring the transcendence and other-ness down to the lab
                    makes us feel easier
                4.  But that is not the same as knowing Him
        D.  When you hunger for steak, that's all you can think about. 
        E.  How much do we think of God
                1.  When was the last time you meditated on God,
                     thirsted, yearned for Him.
                2.  When was the last time you proclaimed that his love was
                     better than life?
                        - Or do you feel like life is better than His love?
                3.  To do:  Spend fifteen minutes a day meditating on God
                4.  Next week, make it 20 minutes....

II.  Deeds (Psalm 40:1-8)
        A.  Devotion moves naturally into deeds
        B.  You can see the progression in this passage:
                1.  Begins with that personal time with God:  Crying out,
                     longing for him
                2.  God answers (inclined to me)
                3.  v. 8 - "
I delight to do your will, "
                4.  See Ps. 57:4-7 - "
my heart is steadfast"
                5.  See Ps. 61:1-8 -
"...that I may pay my vows day be day"
        C.  Focus of God will have an effect:
                1.  Magnifying Glass on a piece of paper. 
                2.  Child thinking about climbing tree, upset that couldn't,
                     one track mind - then did it
                3.  If you keep thinking about something, you will act on it -
                      Devotion leads to Action
        D.  How steadfast is your heart to God?
                1.  Do you continue to do his will ?
                2.  Do you "pay your vows" day by day?  Do you keep true to the
                     commitment you made to God?

                3.  Do you delight to do God's will?
                4.  How to fix it:  Begin with Devotion--Meditate on Him
                    Day and Night

III.  Daring  (Ps 40:8-10 )
        A.  Progression moves from Devotion, To Deeds to Daring to
             Open your mouth!
                1.  David Speaks out and will
not restrain his lips
                2.  If you truly are devoted, how can you keep your mouth shut?
        B.  Here is the daring: (Ps 71:10-18)
                1.  "I will praise thee more and more"
                2.  "My mouth shall tell of thy righteousness" (v.15)
                3.  "I
still declare thy wondrous deeds" (v.17)
                4.  "Even when I am old and gray, O God do not forsake me,
                      Until I declare thy strength to this generation" (v.18)
This was all in the face of enemies who thought that
                     David's God had forsaken him!!! (v.11)
                6.  Jeremiah 20:8-13 - Note verse 9
        C.  Eagles use storms to lift them above it.  They soar high above
              the raging winds that lifted them up to soar in the sky
                1.  If we run from the storm it will catch up to use and
                    consume us (like Jonah)
                2.  If we face it, and boldly proclaim even in the storm, we
                     will soar
                3.  "Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength,
                     they shall mount up with wings like eagles."
        D.  Have you ever "restrained your lips" in telling of God?
                1.  Does it become as Jeremiah said a "fire shut up in my bones"
                2.  If not, maybe we need to "kindle afresh the gift of God"
                     (2 Tim 1:6)

1.  If your roaring fire has turned to ashes, how can you rekindle it?
2.  Begin with
a.  Devotion - Meditate on God, seek after Him
b.  Deeds - Act on your devotion, live in such a way that God is glorified
c.  Daring - Not only live in such as way that God is glorified, but boldly proclaim
3.  It is clear to see that the way you worship is a reflection of the way you share your faith
4.  Is your lamp burning bright?