Title:  Out of the Coffin
Purpose:  To Move Christians to be Active in the Lord's Work

1.  A preacher was convinced his church was dead.  Wanted to give it a
proper funeral.
        a.  Next Sunday, there was a coffin at the front.
        b.  Preached a Funeral Sermon
        c.  Had a viewing, there was a mirror in the Coffin so when the
            members looked into it, they saw their own reflection
2.  Jesus said that he came that we may have LIFE
3.  The Christian Life should be full of joy, energy, ACTIVITY
Text:  2 Timothy 2:3-13
5.  As Christians we must be active.  This passage explains how:

I.  As a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ
        A.  Suggests that we are in a Battle
        B.  Characteristics of a Good Soldier
                1.  v.3 - "Suffer Hardship" (see also James 1:2-4, 12)
                2.  V.3 - Fellowship/Camaraderie "with me…."
                3.  Not entangled in Civilian Affairs
        C.  There was an army unit in training
                1.  Instructor tossed grenade into their midst, the took cover
                2.  Instructor said it wasn't real, he just wanted to see reaction
                3.  New Guy came later, instructor did this again
                4.  New Guy jumped on the grenade to protect the others
                5.  Only person that year to win medal for bravery & courage
                     without having been in battle
        D.  Are You a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ?
                1.  Do you fight, or are you entangled?
                2.  What is the Battle?  REMAIN HOLY, SAVE THE LOST!!

II.  Competing Athlete
        A.  The goal of an Athlete is to win the prize
        B.  A Good Athlete can win only be obeying the rules
                1.  An unwritten rule of any sport is training.  Have to train hard
                2.  You will be disqualified if not obey rules (I Cor. 9:24-27)
                3.  Problem in the church is that there are too many spectators
                    and not enough athletes on the field!  God is the spectator!
        C.  Determination of an Athlete.  Some ran until they literally died.
        D.  How much determination do you have to win the prize?
                1.  How much training do you do (Bible Study)
                2.  Are you a spectator, or athlete? (Do not try and sit in
                     God's place in the bleachers)

III.  Hard Working Farmer
        A.  Here the thought of Patience & Hard Work is introduced
        B.  There is a lot of hard work, but no immediate results
                1.  Takes a lot of maintenance:  Fertilizer, Watering, etc.
                2.  Can't MAKE it grow, must have patience.
                3.  May seem dull, but it pays off in the end.
        C.  "A man is a hero not because he is braver than anyone else, but
                because he is braver 10 minutes longer"
                1.  Takes just as much patience and endurance in farming as
                      it does as an Athlete.
                2.  An impatient Farmer will fail.
        D.  Keep Plugging away patiently
                1.  Don't bail out, in due time there will be a harvest
                2.  Be patient with your own growth
                3.  Be patient with your brother as he grows
                        -But if you stop watering and planting, there will never
                        be growth of any kind!

1.  A Christian must get out of the Coffin.  He is full of life!
        a.  By Being a Good Soldier
        b.  By Being a Good Athlete
        c.  By Being a Faithful Farmer
2.  How much of this activity do you see in your life?