Title:  Campaigns Crusades and Causes
Purpose:  To motivate Christians to
Boldly carry out the Great Commission

1.  We are going to have an evangelistic "campaign"
2.  Have you ever heard of a "campaign"?  What is it?
3.  Synonyms:  Warfare, Crusade, Expedition, Mobilization, ...
4.  Webster:  "A connected series of military operations forming one distinct stage in a war. ... A series of operations to bring about some result.
5.  "A connected series" - This is not a one time effort, but one of many
Military Theme:  Joshua 1:5-11
7.  There are several things necessary to an effective campaign:

I.  Courage
       A.  "Be Strong and Courageous" is repeated 3 times
              1.  God promised he would be with them wherever they go (v.9)
              2.  Jesus said "Surely I am with you always..." (Mt 28:20)
       B.  ILL:  I once went door knocking with a man named Verlin Koke
              1.  Got cussed out at a door
              2.  Verling reminded me that guy was rejecting Jesus, not us
              3.  We marched on
       C.  Fear is the number on reason next to Apathy why we don't march
              1.  What are you afraid of?
              2.  Will we be singing His truth is Marching on,
                    or His truth is Sneaking around?
              3.  Will you sing onward Christian Soldiers,
                    or onward Christian Reserves?
                       - There is no such thing as the Christian Reserves
                        -There are no Weekend Warriors in God's Army
              4.  Weekend exercises (going to church on Sunday) don't
                    make you a Christian
       D.  Don't be CHICKEN
              1.  WHAT IS THE
              2.  You get killed?  Is that so bad?
              3.  The worse that can happen is for you to do nothing!

II.  Dedication
       A.  (v. 7)  Do not turn to the right or to the left
       B.  Oposite of Dedication is Apathy: 
                1.  Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941, 353 Jap planes,
                2.  lost 8 battleships, 6 airfields, almost all planes, & 2,400 men
                3.  Suprise Attack!!!?
                4.  7:00 that morning, when Jap 137 miles (50 minutes) away,
                        -2 soldiers spotted blips on radar station in Pacific
                        -Screen filled with blips
                        -Notified officer, a young lieutenant.  He thought planes
                             from California, besides it was a Sunday
                        -His words "Don't worry about it"
       C.  Church going downhill, meeting with Leaders and preacher,
             what can we do about it
                1.  We can either do it the regular way or the miraculous way...
                2.  Regular Way - We Pray, God sends angels to pay bills
                     fix roof, fix the foundation, and teach the lost!
                3.  Miraculous Way: We come up with a plan & do it ourselves!
       D.  Our mission is a rescue mission that cannot afford apathy

Do you know why fisherman are persistent, why salesman keep calling?  The believe in their product.   (that's why news people put their lives at risk, why weatherman chase tornadoes, reporters dodge land mines, etc....)

III.  Belief in the Mission (v.9-11)
       A.  The generation before Joshua didn't believe in the mission
       B.  What is our mission?
                1.  Many people today don't know
                2.  Our Mission: (Keeping the faith/ Sharing the Faith)
       C.  Have you heard anyone say that door knocking is the poorest
            method, and discourage anyone from doing it?
                1.  This is usually nothing more than an excuse not to do it
                2.  What if only one person was saved?
                     - Do you think that one convert will think that it was a failure
                     - Jesus talked about leaving the 99 to find ONE lost sheep
                3.  How many times do we mobilize an entire Army and spend
                     millions of dollars to rescue a handful of hostages overseas? 
                4.  Mary Lou Saricino - Converted through Door KNocking
                5.  What
price do you place on a soul?  (Blood of Jesus)
       D.  Do you believe in the Mission?

IV.  Right Armament
       A.  For the people of Israel, it was faith & obedience in God (marched)
       B.  What armament do we have?  What is the power?
              1.  Rom 1:16 - POWER is in the Gospel
              2.  Are we telling the Gospel
              3.  Have you forgotten what it is?  IT IS NOT Instrumental
                   Music, Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Eschatology...
              4.  NEED TO GET TO THE POINT
       C.  Saying:  What you win them with, is what you win them to
              1.  If spend all time talking about church, you have a convert
                    to the church
              2.  We should "Determine to know nothing but Christ and
                   Him crucified"  (I Cor 2)

1.  You will have an opportunity to serve in a campaign in the Lord's Army.  To serve, it takes:
        a.  Courage
        b.  Dedication
        c.  Belief in the MIssion
        d.  The right Armament - The Gospel
2.  This is a rescue mission
3.  Do you believe in the mission, are you ready to march