Worship Series #2
Expressions of Worship
Purpose:  Challenge congregation to intelligent, spirit-filled worship

Intro: 1.  Last week we looked at what worship is:
                a.  It ascribes to God the highest worth
                b.  Because is holy, all powerful, all knowing,
                     all present, and all loving
         2.  How do we express his worth in our worship?
         3.  In the past it was referred to as the "five avenues of worship".
         4.  We will be looking at some natural but specific expressions:

I.  An emotional response
      A.  Worship is about a response to God with our whole being
      B.  Is emotionalism bad? (IT CAN BE)
            1.  We have been afraid of emotion (wans't so in earlier days)
            2.  Compare to emotional response in conversion
                  a.  Conversion involves not only the head, but the heart
                  b.  Acts 2 was an emotional response (an informed one)
            3.  Worship is
an informed emotional response
                  a.  Have to know something about God
Rom 2:18-21, 28 - All men responsible to worship
                  c.  Some place higher
worth on works of their hands(idolatry)
C.  Psalm 30 -
            1.  An informed emotional response
                  a.  To God's protection (v.1); Healing (v.2-3); Mercy (v.5) 
                  b.  To Strengthening, faithfulness (v. 9) encouragement (v. 7)   
            2.  Specific Emotions (the abundance of jubliant emotions)
                  a.  Praise, Thanksgiving (v. 4);shout (v.5) Dancing (v.11);   
                  b.  " sing praise to Thee,
and not be silent"... (v.12)
      D.  This is so typical of all the Psalms
            1.  If you shout "Amen" or sing so very loud, it is okay
                  a.  Hearts overflowing with adoration are ready for worship
                  b.  Hearts that swell with gladness, beat with love, are tight
                       with tearful thanksgiving, quiver with praise, 
                       ARE READY TO WORSHIP GOD.
            4.  There is a time for quiet honor and adoration,
                 AND for praising and dancing

II.  An emotional response directed toward God
      A.  Many people travel to Willow Creek Community church to
           see and learn from their "seeker service"
      B.  Should we try and attract outsiders in our worship service?
            1.  I Corinthians 14:20-25 (v. 22) - Tongues were a sign for
                 unbelievers, yet they were told not to use them in worship. 
                 Instead, they were to concentrate on admonishing
            2.  Message is clear, do not "use" worship as a gimmick
                 a.  Purpose of worship is not to impress outsiders
                 b.  Purpose of worship is to worship and to admonish
            3.  We are not a consumer church, but a giving church
      C.  We are to try to attract
God, not visitors
            1.  But this is not an excuse to have a poorly organized worship
2.  But do direct each activity to whom is is to be directed

III.  An emotional response directed toward God involving the whole body
      A.  In what way does worship involve the whole body?
            1.  Posture
                  a.  Grk word for Worship is Prokuneo -  "To Bow Down"
                  b.  Lifting Holy Hands - I Timothy 2:8
                  c.  Dancing - (Ex 15);  (Jud 11); (I Sm 18:7); (2 Sm 6:16)
                       -Many references to Dancing in Psalms
                  d.  It was not dancing like we think of
                        -A Common expression of JOY (leaping and dancing)
                        -And get bent out of shape if someone shouts "Amen"?
           2.  John 4:10-24 (What happens on outside comes from inside)
                 a.  Worship in right form doesnt gaurantee acceptance by God
Nature of God determines how he is to be worshipped:
                       1.  Be holy, for I am holy (God is Holy)
                       2.  God is Love, God is Light, God is Truth
                       3.  God is Spirit - Worship him in spirit (not rituals)
                       4.  and Truth:  God hates worship in "Spirit and
Isaiah 1:10-17 - God rejected their worship because
                      it did not come from a changed heart.  It was a lie.
      C.  Therefore, it is not about a checklist, but about transformation

IV.  An emotional response to God involving the whole body because of his Holiness and His GRACE
      A.  What if you feel unsatisfied at worship
                   - Is changing the form a solution?
      B.  Must move from Holiness to Grace:"Woe is me... sin taken away"
      C.  Problem with unfulfilling worship is:   perspective is all wrong
             1.  We Worship not to fill self, but worship because God is holy
             2.  Not enough confession involved in worship
                   a.  "Woe is me" ---Sin taken away (deep need fulfilled)
Psalm 32
If worship begin with God's holiness, then it also begins with the realization of our unholiness
             1.  Psalm 51:15-17 -                   
                   a.  First act of worship recorded:  Cain and Abel's sacrifices.
                   b.  Why was Cains rejected? 
                         1)  By faith, Abel offered a better sacrifice.  (Heb 11:4)
                         2)  Abel's sacrifice (the firstlings) recognition of 
                              God's worthiness v.s. his worthlessness,                                 
                         3)  Not just going through the motions:
it was genuine
           2.  The problem with worship is not styles, but a lack of  faith
                 a.  We don't like to accept a gift -
                                 pride and the feeling of indebtedness
                 b.  We can't be the source of our own security during the
                      week and then magically come to worship and cast
                      ourselves upon the Lord
                 c.  Maybe the problem with unfulfilling worship is we
                      have tried to fill our own need, instead of letting God fill it.
d.  Once we start with holiness and allow God to fill need,
                      NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER: You will be able to
                      worship God in
any circumstance and LOVE IT
           3.  This is why Jesus said:  "In vain do they worship me,
                teaching as doctrines the commandments of men"

                 a.  No brokenness, no confession

                 b.  Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax gatherer (Luke 18:9ff)
      E.  When it comes to worship, praise is just the flip side of confession


1.  Worship is an emotional (heartfelt) response directed to God involving the whole body
      because of his holiness and his grace
2.  Only when we have truly worshipped, can we truly serve.
  eg.  Pattern:  1-Encounter  2-Worship  3-Serivce       Moses and the bush, Isaiah,

3.  How has your life been?
           1.  Do you TRULY put your security in the Lord
                (if you are honest, answers will likely be a struggle)
           2.  Are you moved to truly worship (Shout, Rejoice)