Worship Series #3:  Singing
Purpose:  To exhort Christians to sing from the heart intelligently

1.  Background
    a.  The music we sing today is not what they sang in the O.T. or N.T.
    b.  In the middle ages, Chants were the norm
2.  Is there a difference between prayers and singing
    a.  Some like to sing their prayers
    b.  Early Christian Assemblies, prayers frequently said in unison and
         hymns often were solos with the congergation singing a repeated
         refrain (Ps 118)
3.  Some principles behind singing in worship

I.  It is a natural "Heart" response to God
      A.  Christianity is a religion not of just mind, but of heart
      B.  Singing is a natural outburst directed to God
            1.  "Is anyone among you suffering, let him pray, is anyone
                 cheerful, Let him sing Praises" (James 5:13)
            2.  SONG:  We Praise Thee Oh God
      C.  Usually scriptures give reasons to sing instead of general
            admonitions to sing
            1.  Singing is an appropriate way to express our joy
            2.  It was taken for granted that we would sing
                 (it is a
joy, not a chore)
      D.  Part of the expression includes the music itself
            1.  Would not sing "We praise thee O God" to the tune of  "Night
                 with Ebon Pinion" or "While on the sea"
            2.  Singing is a natural art form
anyone can take part in

II.  Singing is a sacrificial reponse to God
      A.  Heb 13:15 - "Let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to
            God, that is,the fruit of our lips"
                    How is singing a sacrifice to God?
      B.  Many purposes for sacrifce
              One purpose was to express gratefulness to God
                  a.  Idea behind this sacrifice was a token gift back to God
                  b.  It was an expression to the giver, God
                  c.  It had to be accompanied by an obedient life (Isaiah 1)
the sacrifice began long before they came to the altar
      C.  We no longer offer animal sacrifices to God
            1.  However, our praise is our expression of gratitude
            2.  SONG:  We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise...
      D.  If it is a
sacrifice of praise, THE CONTENT IS IMPORTANT
            1.  Only what was specified, and what was the best was to be
                 given in sacrifice to God - Content is Important!
            2.  Music style has changed, content has not
            3.  Worst result with Tone Deaf Song Leader - Asthetically
                 unpleasing to human ear
            4.  Worst result with wrong content - Worship does not meet its
                  a.  May not even be worshipping at all  (Song - Precious
                  b.  Rev. 5:9; 15:3-5
                        - 1st passage focuses on Christ,  the 2nd on God
                        - The words of the  praise songs should be directed to God
                  c.  Content of Songs with focus on "I" or "My"
                        - Blessed Assurance Jesus is mine
                        - I've a home prepared...
                        - Is this too much Focus on the worshipper?

Part of sacrificing to God, is to sacrifice for the brethren.  Serving them is serving Christ.  While we give sacrifices of praise to God, we give encouragment to one another.

III.  It is an encouragement to one another
      A.  Passages dealing with singing
           1.  I Cor 14:26 - "...When you assemble, each one has a psalm,
                has a teaching, has a revelation, has a tongue, has an
                interpretation.  Let all things be done for edification"
           2.  Col 3:16 - "...with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one
                 another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs"
           3.  Eph 5:19 - "speaking to one another in psalmns, hymns and
                spiritual songs, making melody in your heart to the Lord
      B.  Assemblies both for worship and for encouragement (Eph 5:19)
           1.  We speak to one another
           2.  We sing with our hearts to the Lord
      C.  ILL:  Song to each other - "I love you with the Love of the Lord"
                     Song to God - "We Praise Thee O God"
      D.  Do we consciously do this? 
            1.  If it is to one another, LOOK AT EACH OTHER!!  (Feels so
            2.  If the song is to God, direct it to God!!

IV.  Our singing is A Capella
      A.  May notice we don't sing to any accompaniment
      B.  Reasons
            1.  The Bible specifies what type of singing (Eph 5:19)
                  a.  New Testament does not even allude to intstruments
                  b.  Must have been what the early church understood, because

                       instruments were not introduced until centuries later
                  c.  Is what most of the reformers understood
           2.  When we specify, automatically assume all else is excluded
                  a.  If you tell child to go to store and buy "Wonder Bread"
                  b.  What if they bo and buy Generic Bread.  They didn't obey
                  c.  But we didn't say NOT to buy generic., but the fact that
                      we specify excludes all else.
      C.  Reason:  Instruments are the work of mans hands
           1.  They were permitted, though not commanded in the Old
           2.  God is spiritual, wants spiritual worship (Typical phrase, "Joy
                in the Holy Spirit")
           3.  To much production takes away from worship
Appropriate way to worship God is to use his created
               instruments,  1)  The Voice    2) The Heart
                      But the bottom line-----is what the Bible says
1.  Singing is a sacrificial heart response and encouragement to each other
2.  Is your sacrificial praise a reflection of your sacrifices before coming here?
3.  Do you sing to encourage one another?