Worship #6: Giving
Purpose:  To Teach Christians to Give with the Right Attitude

1.  Giving
2.  Many do not like to talk about it (some don't like to include it in the worship service)
3.  The Bible does not have a lot to say about it (neither does it the Lords' Supper)
4.  The are more verses that talk about giving than the Lord's supper
5.  Background (O.T.)
   a) Sacrifices
   b) Portion of sacrifices went to support the temple (tithes support Levites)
   c) Feast of First Fruits, (first of the harvest brought to God)
   d) Classic example of attitude was when people brought gifts to build temple
   e) By the time of Jesus (Temple Tax) and an offering for synagogue
2 Cor 8:1-9  -  Principles behind giving

I.  Giving is reflective of a greater hope  (8:2-3)
        A.  They gave liberally our of their poverty
        B.   Christian attitude toward money
                1.  Mt. 6:24 - Cannot serve God and mammon (riches)
                2.  Col. 3:5 - consider selves dead to greed, = idolatry
                3.  I Tim 6:17-19 - Don't fix your hopes on the uncertainty of
                     riches, be rich in good works, storing up treasure of a solid
                     foundation for the future
        C.  ILL:  Save for retirement (Prudential - Get a piece of the rock)
              Rock will dissolve
                -Eccl. 5:8-17   4:18
        D.  We can give liberally because we have a greater hope
                1.  They gave with an abundance of joy

              2.  God loves a cheerful giver (hilarious) (9:7)

II.  Giving is a reflection of God's grace received  (8:1, 6-7)
        A.  Mentions grace given by God, and calls giving a gracious work
        B.  It means that this giving is motivated by God
                1.  We get confused thinking God's will is for us to just be happy
                2.  (9:6-8)  God gives, so we can give
                     (abundance for every good deed)
Phil 4:10-20 -
                        -Is called an acceptable sacrifice
to God
                        -God will in turn supply all their needs
                4.  Christianity is wonderful, the more you give, the more you get
        C.  ILL:  Parable of the unforgiving servant 
        D.  We have received bountiful grace, we give grace to others by
              helping them

III.  It is a reflection of our fellowship
        A.  The word used for giving was fellowship (koinonia)
              participation, communion
        B.  The concept of communion graphically exemplified
              (Acts 2:43-47; 4:32-37; 6:1-6)
        C.   It is fellowship (sharing in) for these reasons
                1.  We are sharing with each other (8:12-15)
                        a.  v. 13 - Not for just the purpose of easing financial
                            difficulties but it was doctrinal, an expression of the
                            union in Christ (1 body)
                        b.  v. 8 - It was an expression of sincere love (I John 3:16)
                2.  We are sharing/fellowshipping with Christ (v. 9)
                        a.  Fellowshipping in Grace (for you know the Grace...)
                        b.  Jesus was rich and became poor
                        c.  Do we have any fellowship with Christ if we attached
                             to material things
        D.  Parable:  Man who built bigger barns (Luk 12:16-21)

IV.  It is worship GIVEN to God
      A.  Many do not view giving as worship
                1.  see it as just meeting the budget
                2.  While planning (budget) is good, there is more to giving
                     than that
        B.  Biblical Text
                1.  It is called "fellowship" , same word used for the Lord's
                2.  I Cor 16:1-2 - they were to do it on the "first day", the day
                     they worshipped
                  -It was to be done systematically, not carelessly (preparation)
                3.  Rom 12:1 - It is sacrificial, which is worship
                4.  2 Cor 8:2 - It is an expression of Joy (just like worship
                     typically is)
                5.  2 Cor. 8:5; 9:6-7 - Heart has to be right (just like for
                     Lord's Supper & worship)
                6.  Jesus made it clear that when we serve the brethren,
                     we are serving him
        C.  We do it following the Lord's SUpper
                1.  It is appropriate, remember our gift, and we give in turn
                2.  More time should be given for our giving (sometimes we
                     rush through it)
                 -Want thoughts and heart to be right for Lord's Supper, what
                     about for the offering?
                3.  It is a gift to God
        D.  Our giving, can likely be a direct relfection on our giving and
              service in other areas of life


1.  Reflection of Greater hope / Grace / Fellowship / Worship
2.  Do you give with the right heart (all week long)
3.  How?

4.  Steps:
  a.  Pray
  b.  Thank God for blessings, specifically
  c.  Ask God to help you use them to serve Him
  d.  Consider ways you can use them (God will show you)
   -It may be by giving more to the offering
   -It may be by sending money for Bibles to Russia
   -It may be by bying a poor preacher his snow tires