Title:  The "S's" of Salvation
Purpose:  To motivate Christians to put God first

1.  Is it important to learn about discipleship
2.  Word used 72 times in Mt; 44 in Mk;  38 in Lk;  78 in Jn;  30 in Acts  (262 times total)
3.  Teaching on discipleship is often missing in our teaching
4. Specific things that accompany
salvation if you are going to be a
disciple --   "S's of Salvation"

I.  Surrender (Mt 11:28-29)
      A.  Salvation begins with surrender as does discipleship
      B.  Salvation is about freedom from bondage
            1. Col 1:13-"For he delivered us from the domain of darkness and
               transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved son
            2.  Yes, we are free!!
            3.  But notice we have been transferred to the "kingdom" --Means
                there is a King   4.  Notice what the king says:
      C.  Mat 11:28-29
            1.  We forget about the second half of this verse
            2.  "My yoke is easy" -  People have misused it
            3.  Jn 15:18-20 - The world will hate you and persecute you
            4.  2 Cor. 11:24-28 - Paul suffered as a Christian
            5.  Christians were thrown to the lions and used as torches
            6.  HOW is his yoke easy and his burden light?
                  a.  YOU try to carry the burden of sin all by yourself (try to
                       make up to God)
                  b.  It will burden you all the way into the ground into Hell
                  c.  Give it
all to Jesus/Exchange load w/ Jesus (he already
                       carried it, foolish to hang on)
                       -2 Cor. 5:14 - The Love of Christ controls (compels us)
                       -I am compelled out of Love for Christ
            7.  ILL:  Lady who had abusive husband, he had list for her to do.  If it wasn't done, he would beat her.  He died, she remarried a good man.  Years later, flashback when she found an old list in he attic.  She laughed after she read it ... she is still doing all those things and more.....WITH JOY SHE WANTS TO DO IT NOW, NOT BECAUSE SHE HAS TO.
      E.  Cannot happen unless you have totally surrendered to God. 
            1.  Do you agree to God's terms?
            2.  If not, it's time to surrender it all to God

Transition:  What happens when you surrender - BECOME A SLAVE MOST LIKELY

II.  Slavery
  Luke 17:7-9
      A.  Don't know concept of slave (repulsive to us) 
      B.  Jesus spoke to people who knew the meaning of the word "slave"
            1.  Slave lost everything in the world, liberty freedom, will,
                his name
(movie: roots).  He was purchased like property
            2.  Slave did  ANYTHING his master commanded, slave did not
                 question it.
            3.  Jesus' point -  A SLAVE SERVES HIS MASTER FIRST
      C.  I Cor 6:20 - "You have been bought with a price, therefore glorify
           God in you body"
      D.  Now that we have been bought, our first priority is to serve God   
      E.  There is only room for one King in a Kingdom 
             (can't serve 2 masters)

III.  Stewardship  Luke 12:22-32
      A.  A disciple does not worry because he trusts in God to provide
      B.  Comforting Passage
            1.  God cares for birds, lilies, and all of nature.  They don't worry
            2.  We are more valuable that the birds and nature
Here is the challenge:  (v.33-34)
      C.  Where is your treasure?
            1.  Your billfold is a "purse" that will wear out, that can be pick-
                 pocketed, etc.
            2.  If your treasure is in Heaven, you will GIVE, GIVE GIVE
      D.  What did you give to gain the Kingdom?
             1.  "I was baptized".    I come on Sunday's   -   Not enough
             2.  Jesus said Kingdom is like pearl of great value  (Mt 13:45)
             3.  Stewardship is about giving it all up
                   a.  God lets you keep it for the purpose of using it for HIM
                   b.  IT ALL BELONGS TO GOD, we are Stewards
      E.  Manager of Woolworth's was fired because was embezzling.  Did he own the store?  No he didn't.   He was just the manager
             1.  Do you want to be guilty of embezzlement of GOD'S
             2.  Attitude in serving God should be that of a manager, God is
                  the owner

1.  Remember, Salvation isn't about just being "saved" unless in also involves
     1) Surrender
     2) Slavery
     3) Stewardship
2.  Have you truly surrendered and become a slave and a steward of God's resources?
3.  If you are nodding your head, where will you be Sunday night when we have another meeting?
3.  We're you seeking FIRST his Kingdom last Sunday evening?  Be honest.
4.  You can't seek first his kingdom unless you have truly surrendered and died to yourself.
5.  Are you as a slave, seeking first your masters kingdom, or yourself?
6.  Is it Christ crucified, (Gal 2:21) and living in me, or Satan trying to resurrect John Telgren from the dead?