"The Preacher sought to find delightful words and to write the words of truth correctly" (Eccl. 12:10).

About Me

When I watched my parents become Christians in 1979 in Seoul, Korea, I had no idea that I would eventually devote my life to ministry.  A year after my parents obeyed the Gospel, I also made the decision and was baptized into Christ at the Foundation School of Music, which was held at Camp Hensel near Jonestown, Texas.  Before long, I found myself busy in the visitation program, sharing the Gospel with friends and strangers, working with the Joy Bus Program, becoming a regular Song Leader, and being a junior youth leader in the Plattsmouth Church of Christ.  Even though at one point I had wanted to go into the technical field, perhaps into computers, it became evident that my real passion was church work.John, Air Force, Basic Training, 1987

After graduation from High School, I started as a Bible major.  In order to finish school, I joined the Air Force and went into Avionics.  I participated in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, which involved long hours helping to keep the planes in the air.

I was so young and still had so much to learn about God, life, and myself.  I stepped out of my safe incubator and into a different world.  I learned what true temptation was and the importance of an abiding relationship with God.  I discovered why it was important to engage the disciplines of prayer, Bible reading, and self-reflection.  It became evident that I could not rely solely on people to remain faithful, but needed to learn to commune with my Lord.  It also became evident that I could not do without my brethren; the Lord said we were part of one body.  I needed them, and they needed me.  I had a few hard knocks while in the Air Force, but fortunately, I found my way back on the right path.

I began preaching as a teenager at the Plattsmouth Church of Christ, in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.  My past full-time ministry posts were in Brattleboro, Vermont, and Leavenworth, Kansas.  In addition to full-time work, I also preached part-time while a student in Alvord, Texas, Williford, Arkansas, and Chinquapin, Arkansas.  My ministry has also included work in evangelistic campaigns across the country.

John and Stacey Graduation from Harding University, 1996After graduating from Plattsmouth High School, I went to York College and earned an A.A. degree.  I finished my undergraduate studies with a B.Min. followed by a B.A. from Harding University.  Later, I earned an M.A. from Abilene Christian University.  The title of my Master's Thesis was, The Character of God in the Speeches of Yahweh In the Book of Job.

I am married to my wonderful wife, Stacey, and have three sons, Shane, Jeremy and William. In addition, Shane has given us our very precious granddaughter, Raedyn. We love our family and know it is a blessing from God.

Since June of 2015, I have been the full-time minister for the Church of Christ in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

The Christian life has been an experience of personal growth and understanding.  Even though God is the same, I have grown tremendously over the years.  Through prayer, reading, reflection, and sharing with other Christians, my understanding of God and the biblical message  has been refined over the years.  I have come to understand that our Father God and the Gospel of his Son stands at the center of the Christian faith, which means it should be at the center of our message and shape the way we live our lives.   As a result, part of my ministry has been involved in various outreach efforts.  Most recently, I have been involved with We Care Ministries.  Theologically, I consider myself conservative in that I believe that the Bible is God breathed and authoritative in instructing Christians how to think, act, and interact with others in all areas of life.

My Lord is good, and has conducted me safely thus far.  To him I owe my life and all that I am.  My heart's desire is to always be with him.

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PLAGARISM NOTE:  The Reflection and other material on this page is my own work that I completed several years ago.  I recently discovered several of these pages reproduced on another minister's web site, some of it almost verbatim.  I place this note here merely to affirm that I did not plagarize this work from that minister's or any other minister's work.  Rather, it was that minister who copied it from my site.

UPDATE:  I confronted that minister about plagarism, and he edited some of what he had on his web site, including a short statement that some of what is on my site here "influenced" his own writing.