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Sender:  Crystal Jackson


My small Bible study group wants to hold a speacial Maundy Thursday event off site of our church.  We have a lot of family that goes to different  churchs and we want to bring everyone together.  Are there issues surrounding the idea of having a Maundy Thursday service outside of the church walls?  My grandmother who is probably the most devout christian I know seams to think that this is wrong.  Please shed some light.




I would imagine that any objection to this practice might stem from the fact that Catholics do it, or some other denomination does it.  This, I believe is a very weak reason.  There may be some validity to it, but it is very weak.  If some other church has pews, that in itself doesn't necessarily mean we should get rid of pews.  Causing someone to violate their conscious by having them engage in a practice they believe is wrong (whether it really is or not) causes them to sin in their heart and is not acting out of love for them.


Other than this, I do not know why this would be wrong.  As a "voluntary" spiritual activity, it can be a very meaningful and faith building activity.  In 1 Cor 6:12; 10:23; and Rom 14, taken in context, all seem to indicate that there is a lot of latitude when it comes thing things of this nature.  The main thing is to act out of love and not cause someone to violate their conscience.  A special day, not bound on others as a law, but offered voluntarily, can be a meaningful encounter, especially for kids.  It occurs to me that many of the festivals and traditions that God instructed to Israel were designed as reminders to help the people participate in and be rooted in the events that identify them as the people of God, such as the Passover.  Sunday communion is designed by Christ to do the same.  In addition to this God given tradition, other traditions we may institute can be meaningful as well.





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