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Why do We Take the Lord's Supper on Sunday.



This boils down to basically these reasons.


First of all, we have an example in Acts 20:7 of the early church taking Communion on the first day of the week.  This is appropriate because it is the day of the week that Christ rose from the dead.  As the Israelites commemorated their Passover during the time of year when they crossed out of bondage, we as Christian commemorate our deliverance from bondage to sin on the day that Christ completed his atoning work by dying then rising from the dead.


The testimony of the early church also affirms that the first day of the week is the day that Christian come together for worship.  The testimony of pagan writers also bear this out.  Both scripture and early church tradition show that the Lord's Supper is to be taken on Sunday. 

For more, you can refer to the study on this web site on the Lord's Supper and also the first day of the week in the worship section of the Topical Study Outlines section.




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