Here I am

The current theme for the Leadership Training for Christ at the time I wrote this song was "Here I am" from 1 Samuel. The phrase comes from the story of Samuel's first call from God. His answer, "Here I am" formed the basis for this song. In reading the story with the LTC kids, I realized that Samuel was in effect praying to God in response to his call asking him to instruct him. This is what all of us need to do, even if it seems inconvenient, difficult, or dangerous. In thinking about how we all need to respond to God's call, the words and music to this song seemed to come naturally, so I wrote them down before they faded away. This song is the result. (This song was before I had song writing class at the singing school at ACU, so there are a couple of improvements that could be made to this song. I haven't edited it just yet)

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