Song of Victory

My father sent me to the Foundation School of Music in the summer of 1980 when I was thirteen years old. It was there that two older teens, Terry Clyde and Jon Allesandro studied with me using the OBS Bible Study by Ivan Stewart, and baptized me in the creek at Camp Hensel, which is where the Singing School was held at in those days. I caught on to the music theory very quickly and learned to lead singing. After returning home, I began to lead singing at my home congregation in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. A tune and some words kept going through my head, so I wrote them down on some blank music paper I had purchased. The following summer when I went for my second year, I had one of the teachers, Cecil Price, look over the song. He gave me a few pointers. Then he looked at me and told me that I needed to go to harmony class instead of the second year of music theory. After that second year of singing school, that handwritten sheet music had been tucked away in a file folder and forgotten until I stumbled on it 38 years later when I was cleaning out some old files. After looking at it, and realizing that this was written by a 13 year old, I realized just how effect our singing schools are in teaching music. I tweeked a few things, but the song hear is essentially the same as what was scrawled on that old music paper.

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