The Son Is Always There

My wife and I went on a summer vacation to the lake to enjoy sunshine, sand, and a relaxing time to renew and rejuvenate. On several of the days at the lake the sky was overcast with rain. I made the comment that the sun did not come out, or that we did not have any sun. It dawned on me after making that comment several times that this was simply not true. Night time was followed by day time. Even though it was raining and the sky was overcast, there was still daylight and the sun had risen, even though there was cloud cover. The rain and the cloud could not take away daytime. As I reflected further on the rain, I was reminded of God’s faithfulness, especially when I could see a rainbow in the sky after the rain concluded. The rain stopped, and I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin after the clouds dissipated. This reminded me of God’s promise in Genesis after the great flood. God made a covenant to never destroy the whole world by water again. No matter how much rain comes, it will stop, and the clouds will roll away, bringing a rainbow and the warmth of the sun. Even though it is raining, the Sun is always there. All of this was a reminder of God’s faithfulness. Even in the dark and stormy times in life, the Son is always there. Based on this reflection, I began to write this hymn poem and put it to music.

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